Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkins and the Secret Stash

Last week Chad and I headed to the Temple and the girls got to spend the day with Grandma Clayton. They had a ton of fun and when I asked her how Lydia did she said "she was great" I had to pause and make sure she was talking about my Lydia, you know the one that likes to whine and test the limits.

They did some cute crafts. I forgot to take pictures but they made chocolate Halloween characters on pretzel sticks. And they got some pumpkins. She cut out the faces they picked out in vinyl and they put them on...

Because we live in Arizona you cannot carve your pumpkin until the day before Halloween because it will not last. So when it comes time we will carve them.

A couple of  weeks ago every morning when we would go in to get Lydia she would be eating a vanilla wafer. I laughed and asked her the first morning where she was hiding her stash. She responded with "ummm..." Then I said "Oh is it confidential?" And she said "um yes..." We could not figure out where she was hiding them and she would never tell us. Then this morning when I was cleaning I saw that their car toy needed to be cleaned and I opened the trunk and it was full of vanilla wafer crumbs! It had been in their room the sneaky girl.

I took the car to her and opened the trunk and asked Lydia if that is where she hid her cookies. She looked at me smiled and said "noooooo." Then she looked in the trunk and said "Oh their all gone." Oh Lydia.

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