Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty Car

Chad"s Grandpa came down from Idaho this last weekend to help get the Station Wagon started! They had no issues starting it.  The girls love the car and were so excited to finally ride in it!!

My parents came over to join in on the fun!

Chad was even daring enough to let me drive his baby...

Okay I will admit it...I killed the car and Grandpa had to walk around the other side of the block to rescue us. He looked at me and joked and said "Give me your patch back!" But it ended up not being all my fault. The timing was off and the choke wasn't turned all the way. Oops. After that it was smooth sailing and the car runs like a dream!

We almost couldn't get the girls out of the car they had such a blast. Every time we would stop Sophie would ask everyone "Who wants to drive next?!!" She also thinks the car is not quite we are missing a few pieces....

But its getting there! They put the roof and visor on Saturday and when the girls and I went out to look at it Lydia said "Oooo pretty car mom. I want to ride in it!!"

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  1. LOL- I laughed so hard about Grandpa taking your patch back-lol!!! I love how it looks-this is so exciting!!