Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moms Happy Birthday Day

Saturday was my wonderful Mother's 60th birthday! We decided to surprise her. So all of us got together and planned a surprise dinner for her. Dad was awesome and took her somewhere to keep her out of the house while we got ready. All of the kids blew up balloons and Nate did an awesome job putting streamers all over the house.

Sarah had a great idea to make a banner for Mom. It just so happened that my Mom has the perfect amount of grand kids that live here to spell out "Happy Birthday." So each kid was in charge of a letter and then we taped them all together. It turned out so cute!

When they got home she was completely surprised...

Lydia picked out her special hat for the night. Dinner was delicious thanks to everyone pitching in! And all of the grand kids gathered around to sing her Happy Birthday...

It was fun night! I am kicking myself now for not taking a picture of her gift from us and Sarah and Jeff.  But just imagine this....

... but on fabric. They are my Grandma's handwritten recipes. We were trying to make them into tes towels for her kitchen out of them but the way it printed I didn't have enough edge room for a hem. So plan b. We are going to attach them like a canvas picture to hang on her wall. I will have to post that when it is done.

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