Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gym Halloween Party

Last night we took the girls to the Halloween Party at the gym they play at every Friday. They do this party every year and the girls love it. They were especially excited to finally get to wear their Halloween costumes...

I couldn't get them both to cooperate at the same time for the picture. Lydia is wearing a long hair braid made of yarn I wanted to put it over her shoulder so we could see it in the picture but she was being stubborn.

There were games to play and they won little toys and candy. Just like last year Sophie was insistent on playing the cake walk game and we stood and waited 15 minutes to play...

She ended up winning last year but she came in third this time. We were excited on how well she did all by herself. She was sad when she didn't get a cake though...she thought she won.

Lydia was not so sure of all the games at first. But then she decided they were ok when she was told to pick prizes.

She especially liked when we waited for Sophie to play a lady came up and put a bunch of candy in her bucket just because she is cute.

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