Monday, September 17, 2012

Chad's Birthday

Last Thursday was Chad's Birthday! We started the morning off with fresh cinnamon rolls. The girls had each written him their own cards. Well I wrote them they told me what they wanted to say.

When Chad headed to work we got to work too getting the house ready. The girls helped me decorate the house with lots of balloons and they colored a banner...

You will have to ignore the black blurr in all of our pictures. Sadly our camera is dying.

The girls helped me make Daddy's favorite...pumpkin pie...

When Dad got home we surprised him by spraying him with silly string as he came in the door. I tried to video tape it but I didn't realize the girls moved the camera so you can only see half of it.

He had to find the secret message we wrote on the balloons. "We Love you the Most" and sang Happy Birthday to him of course...

We were going to have him pop all of the balloons with his blowgun...

But when we brought the cardboard outside with the balloons it was so windy they blew everywhere so he just popped a few of them.


  1. Happy Birthday Chad!!! Looks like you were spoiled yet again!! What a great Family!!

  2. Happy Birthday Chad, what a fun way to spend your Birthday! I hope you had a great one!