Thursday, April 12, 2012


My sister in law made us a fun little laminated picture of the tomb and Christ for Easter last year to help tell the story of the Resurrection. You can slide Christ into the tomb an move a rock in front of it. Sophie is really good at telling the story and Lydia loves to play with it. The other day she was playing with it and she slid Christ into the tomb and slid the rock over it and then said "3 days" and slid the rock away and slid Christ out of the tomb. It was so cute.

On Easter morning the girls woke up to some fun toys in their Easter Baskets...

They especially loved to new jump ropes they got...

And they wore their cute Easter Dresses Grandma Clayton made for them!

That was the best pictures we could get. Lydia did not want to cooperate. But with a couple of m&ms I got her to sit for a minute.

After church we headed to Grandma Miller's for some yummy food and a Easter Egg Hunt. There were eggs everywhere. I think we had close to 300 eggs...

After the egg hunt on Saturday Lydia got it figured out on Sunday that you just pick up the eggs and then open them later. So she got a few more eggs than just one.

After it was all done Sophie showed me her overflowing basket. I couldn't believe how many she had gotten. I counted 44 eggs and that was after I gave a couple of handfuls away to some of the other kids!

Her bunny head on her basket fell off in the middle of the excitement but she was still one happy girl!

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