Wednesday, April 4, 2012

7 Days of Easter

I found an idea on pinterest to teach kids the story of Easter. It is called the 7 Days of Easter. You take plastic Easter eggs and fill them with different things representing the Easter story like bread (the sacrament) or a small nail (Crucifixion). They open one egg up a night and read the scripture that goes with the object. It is actually a 12 Days Of Easter but she has a shortened version for a week.

I did two of each egg so that Sophie and Lydia could have their own. (I just knew there would be issues). Monday night was our first night and they really liked it. Sophie has to try and find the right number and Lydia was excited to find a piece of bread in hers the first night which she immediately ate...and then spit out because it was stale. The website for this activity is here. This would probably be fun shortening it more and opening a couple every night too.

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  1. I used parts of this this morning....thanks for the idea!