Monday, April 2, 2012


Sophie and Lydia love to draw with chalk. They can cover our little patio pretty quickly with their art. My parents offered us their big chalkboard from their backyard since it doesn't get used much. The girls were so excited when Daddy hung it up!!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Miller!! They love it and are out there everyday coloring!


  1. Does the rain hurt it??? I think that is the best idea ever!!! I think I might have to create one of those! Let me know how it withstands the weather??!!

    1. Nope my parents have had it in their backyard for a couple of years and I dont think they have ever repainted it... There are a couple of spots I need to touch up (we didnt hang our brackets exactly where theres was) All it is is cement board paint with chalk board paint. My dad made the brackets to hang on the wall but I have seen this idea on pinterest I am sure there are other ways to hang it!

  2. Now, they need a shade to hang over it to keep the HOT AZ sun off them. So cute!