Monday, June 6, 2011

My Devon

Last Friday was the last gym day that Sophie got to go with Devon. Or who she lovingly calls "My Devon." She Loves Devon. Devon says he is going to marry her in the temple, when I told Sophie that she smiled and said "oh ok!" They are best friends in nursery and they have been coming to the gym with us on Fridays.We had found out a few weeks ago that they would would be moving to Utah. We are so sad and will miss them a lot but I am excited for them because they get to be closer to family which is always so nice.

I told Sophie Friday morning that it was the last day she got to play at the gym with Devon. She got sad and said "Mom I don't have a picture of Devon.." So I brought the camera.

Sophie said to me yesterday. "Mom Devon is going to move to my house!" Ummmm nope sorry Sophs. I explained it to her again and she says "Oh ok we go visit Devon!"
I guess when his mom told him they were moving he was sad because he wouldn't get to see Sophie anymore. But then he said it was ok because he would find her when he gets to college and marry her then.
I believe him. Chad and I are totally ok with that too. We would really love the in laws. I told his mom that we need to make sure they go to the same college.

Devon is just a few weeks older than Sophie and its funny because Landon is just a few weeks older than Lydia.
Lydia is going to miss her little boyfriend too.

We will really miss the Bargers, but we wish them good luck in their new adventures!!

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  1. MAybe this is a foreshadowing to her having to send him off on a mission!! :) Hope sophie survives her heartache!! :) (this is kim-for some reason it wouldn't let me leave a comment otherwise)