Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Craziness

Chad and my Summer craziness is under way. We have amped up our college pace so we can get done. This semester we are both taking 2 classes that are only 8 weeks long. Not only that but one and a half of those weeks will be spent in Idaho! Wow we are crazy. Between work, school, and family (plus for Chad and his calling he is out with the missionaries every week) we are doing a juggling act.
Chad and I are taking Biology together though which is nice. Every class we take together he beats me grade wise. I have a feeling it will happen again. We are so excited for our vacation in just a few weeks! Even though we have to take an exam and do a bit of homework it will be a nice break from the desert.

We are a week and a half down in our craziness and so far so good. Wish us luck! We may need it.

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  1. Good Luck you two!! You are two amazing people and will be blessed for your efforts!! Hope you guys have fun in Idaho, and get to enjoy the break! Okay there is something up, did you block me from commenting :)- Your blog is the only one I have problems commenting on, so from now on if you have an anonymous person it is probably from me LOL!! (kim)