Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Half Birthday!

It is crazy to think that my Lyds is 6 months old!
She is scooting everywhere now and gets into crawling position and rocks back and forth..oh dear I'm not ready. Lately she has been such a happy baby, more happy than her usual serious self.

She also can sit by herself for awhile until she reaches for something and then she falls over...

She adores her big sister who takes such good care of her.

When I went to take this picture Sophie was resting her head on Lydia's and they were both smiling but once I got the camera Sophie got mad at me for taking a picture.

Happy Half Birthday Miss Lydia!


  1. Such cute pics of Miss Lydia! She really is much more smiley lately isn't she...what cute girls

  2. Such sweet girls!! I love lydia's outfits!! I wish I looked that good is something so cute :) Happy Unbirthday!!

  3. When Lydia smiles her eyes remind me of you, Sarah and your mom--I never realized it before, but you all have the same smiling eyes.
    Becky B.