Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have learned that I need to pay more attention to movies. Sophie picks out the funniest lines to repeat. Many times a day I will hear "who are you and how did you find me?" (Tangled) She is very serious when she says this. Or she will walk around saying "Everybody wants to be a cat!" (Aristocats).
On one of her movies it shows a preview to Hercules. "Oh mom we have that movie mom?" We didn't so I told her I would rent it on Netflix. When it came she was so excited to watch "Percules" as she calls it. She loved every minute of it and so I kept it a few days so she could watch more than just once. I love this movie too. Good story line. Good lessons in it. I could only imagine the funny sayings she was going to get from it.
"I happen to be a hero!" or "Thanks Herc its been a real slice." I was even prepared for "Ooo I got a fur wedgie." What I wasn't prepared for was "Oh my g.."

When she first said it I was shocked I had no idea where she got it. Then the next day she was watching it and at the part where Haties realizes Hercules is alive and Pain and Panic say "Hey wasn't that the name of the kid we were supposed to... Oh my..." Aaaah!!!! How did I not ever notice that before?? I thought I was safe with Disney but apparently I need to pay more attention.

Just FYI I explained that it wasn't nice to say that and she hasn't said it since.

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