Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving in Oklahoma

For Chad's graduation present we headed to Oklahoma to see Kimberly and Alex for a week! Mom and Dad hopped in the van with us and we were nice and cozy, The kids were so excited and they did really well in the car. They were especially excited to have snow in Albuquerque!

They just kept staring out the window like it was magical. Easton loved it too he kept jumping up and down.

The girls loved spending time with their cousins. We took the kids to a fun place called Pops. It is on Route 66 and has a ton of different flavors of soda like cookie dough, red velvet cupcake, and peach!

Lydia got chocolate of course, but ended up not liking it and drank all of Chad's black cherry.

So Chad had a prickly pear flavor that was delicious!!

Easton liked it too. He was trying so hard to get some. 

I can't remember what flavor Sophie picked but she loved it and sat like this nursing her soda the whole time!

Mom and Dad were so nice and watched all the kids and let Alex, Kimberly, Chad, and I go and see Hunger Games! Which was awesome. They had an adventure watching seven kids in a mall for two and a half hours. 

On Thanksgiving Kimberly had some fun crafts for the kids to do. Sophie is all about crafts and Lydia loved it because it had to do with chocolate of course!

After a delicious dinner we went to see some Christmas lights...

We went rock climbing at Rocktown Climbing Gym. It is an old silo...
We took Alyia, Landon, Parker, and Sophie and they did a great job!

Sophie absolutely loved it. Parker went all the way to the top too!

The adults also enjoyed a date night for Mom's birthday. We played laser tag which was a blast and went out to dinner. While we encountered some less than good service at both places we still had fun and Chad now has some great examples of what not to do to customers for his training classes at work.
We had so much fun in Oklahoma spending time with family. We took a couple of days to get home and had packed a picnic lunch for Sunday. We stopped in Truth or Consequences and looked for a park and apparently this is all they had....

But the girls enjoyed running around even if there was no play area.

Thank you Kimberly and Alex for a fun week!

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