Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Lydia Bug!

Saturday was Lydia's Birthday! Our little bug is now 3 years old so crazy! We had a fun filled day. In the morning we went to our Ward Christmas party. We had a yummy breakfast and watched the nativity video. And even a special visitor came...

Sophie told him a different toy then the last Santa visit..not sure if she is trying to get more from him.....or maybe she has given up on the Ariel barbie from Santa's last reaction haha.

I barely got Lydia to stand in front of him.

They had some fun photo booths and props...

Then we headed home and got ready for Lydia's party. She wanted a Sofia the First Purple Princess Tea Party. She was planning on just wearing a Rapunzel dress since she didn't have a Sofia dress. But we had her open her present....

 And she got to be Sofia after all!!!

Everything had to be purple of course...Thank goodness for my Grandmother's purple tea set!

Chad was amazing and dressed up as Baileywick the castle steward and served the guests!! I think that made Lydia's whole day!

I asked Lydia if she wanted me to make purple cookies to eat at her tea party and she said "No I want fruit and Grandma Chocolate (nutella)" So they enjoyed nutella roses on their plates.

Baileywick referred to the girls as "Mam" but with an accent and they just thought it was so funny he was calling them mom. 

And Lydia very much enjoyed her purple chocolate cake. Her two favorite things in the world!

Grandma and Grandpa Clayton were able to come and fill in for some friends that were sick! Thank you! And they gave her a fun Rapunzel card that sang! She wasn't sure what to think of it though....but the next day she carried it everywhere.

And Makenzie brought her a totally cute fairy costume!!

And they decorated some princess fairy wands.

After we got ready to go see a live nativity play. We met Grandma and Grandpa Miller and Grandma and Grandpa Clayton there! They had some stable animals for the kids to pet....

The girl's favorite was definitely the cow.

Happy Birthday Lydia!!!

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