Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Tree and Zoo Lights

The kids were excited to put up the Christmas tree this year. Easton loved the box....

The girls did a great job putting the ornaments on. I don't think it has ever gotten done so quickly. 

We were a little worried since we have never had a crawling baby at Christmas but Easton has done really well with the tree. He just likes to crawl under it and on top of the presents.

Last Friday one of Chad's seminary students was singing at the Zoo Lights so we went to see her.

Santa was there which Sophie was so excited about. Lydia didn't want to wait in line and I doubt she would have gotten near him anyway. But Sophie jumped right up on his lap and told him she wanted a Ariel Barbie. And what does Santa reply to her? "That princess is still around?" To which Sophie gives me a worried look.

Really Santa? Seriously you couldn't just say "I've got that ready for you" or "Oh yes I have many of those just make sure you keep being good." But she seemed to forget fairly quickly and was excited that she was able to finally tell Santa what she wanted.


  1. maybe he was worried about promising her that, if parents couldn't pull through on a Barbie that wasn't around- lol. . .maybe Santa should shop the toy isles before he plays Santa :)!!!