Tuesday, December 17, 2013

KGUN9 Field Trip

For my rotation in preschool I taught the kids about the seasons and weather. On the last day they learned all about Meteorologists. So for our field trip I called our local news station KGUN9 and we got to go for a tour. The kids loved it...okay I loved it too I don't know who was more excited me or the kids.

Gary was an awesome tour guide and showed us the radio station first. It was fun to get to wave to the people we just listened to in the car.

We met another guy who does sound bites and he let the kids yell "Merry Christmas!" into the microphones.

The kids liked the big satellite dishes that shoot invisible lasers into space!

Then we got to go into the news room station and the kids got to play with the weather center!

The best part is they got to meet Erin the meteorologist! She taught them how to change the screen just like she does on TV.

 They do a little commercial with people saying "Erin said it would" and the kids got to do it with Erin!

So our kiddos may be on TV one day...

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