Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some Crafts

I have finally made a new wreath! I know you are all shocked...

I have been wanting to make this wreath since I started making them. I knew I had to get it done before I left for vacation in 3 days or it would not get done.

Sophie was invited to a double birthday party last week. It was one of her friends in her sunbeam class and her little sister. They were having a mermaid water party. One of the sisters likes Little Mermaid and the other a cartoon called Bubble Guppies. I found this adorable mermaid doll tutorial here.

I wanted them to look like the characters.

I think I may have to make some for my girls! The birthday girls loved them! I kinda got short on time and didn't attach their fins so they could slip on and off. I guess their brothers were totally freaked out by it, but the girls liked that they could "dress" their mermaids. So it worked.


  1. Those are sooo cute!! What a fun doll!! And I love the wreath!! I want to do one of those yarn ones too!! I love how your turned out!

  2. You are so amazing Rachel! Those are adorable!