Monday, June 4, 2012

Bowling Night

Last Friday was Chad's last day he had to work at Wells Fargo!!!! So we went and celebrated by going bowling. The girls were very excited!!

Lydia trying to pose like her big Sis

Sophie really got into it. She cheered for us and gave us good luck kisses. she would get so excited when she knocked down the pins...even if it was just one.

Lydia cheered too. And she really really liked watching the balls come back. We had to save her fingers several times.

she loved pushing the ball down the ramp. She couldn't care less if she knocked down any pins just as long as she got to push the ball down the ramp and hang out...

We had a ton of fun and I actually won for the first time ever!!!! I shocked especially since Chad got like 3 strikes...


  1. I love the hanging out! LOL! Good night for fun!

  2. What fun!! I don't think my kids have ever gone bowling-how sad is that -lol Lydia is getting so big!!