Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Journey Through the Book of Mormon

Last week we learned about how Lehi's family knew where to travel in the wilderness. We talked about the Liahona and how we have several things that can be our liahona today. Like the Holy Ghost, scriptures, the prophet, and our church leaders. Then we made our liahona...

Sophie loved this and would lead us around the house. Lydia just liked taping it together.

Then we read the story of Lehi's dream. I took some yarn and made a "rod" throughout our house. After a couple of practice runs I blindfolded the girls...

Which only lasted 2 seconds with Lydia she did not like it. And they had to make their way to our front door where the "tree" was.

They were so excited when they would get to the end. They would pretend to eat the fruit and share some with me. Sophie made sure that when Dad got home from work that there was fruit for him too. She said "We all need the fruit to be happy." Exactly Sophie!

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  1. OHH!!!! I love it!!! This was a fun one for my kids too!! You're a nice mom, I didn't let my kids have a practice run-lol Thanks for documenting it I love to see it all in action!!