Monday, March 19, 2012

What We've Been Doing

The girls and I have been finding ways to entertain ourselves while we have been home since we have been a one car family. We play a lot of hide and seek...

We have played Mouse Trap at least a hundred times, we take walks around the neighborhood, and they have played in the backyard a lot. But we had to stop that since Sophie has broken out into an allergic rash all over her face from the lovely weeds that have taken over. In my attempt to get rid of them I received a giant blister that has taken over my finger so I surrender...

So needless to say we were pretty excited to get out of the house Saturday and head to the temple! Sophie was so excited to go and see the temple again. Grandma and Grandpa Clayton were there babysitting for their ward and they were nice enough to watch our girls too. Then we got to go to my cousins wedding and see a lot of my family which was really nice.

The girls were very excited about the reception location...outside! They had a blast. We didn't see much of Sophie the whole time she was having too much fun making new friends and playing with her cousins on the old fashion playground. The reception was in the yard of a home built in 1910. It was very pretty and had lots of green grass which Lydia was pretty stoked about. Sadly I didn't take any pictures. Except that the girls got to wear special flowers that were a gift from the bride! I was amazed that Lydia kept it on for more than 2 minutes. (although not much longer.)

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