Thursday, March 29, 2012

Playing at the Gym

My girls love playing at the gym. And I love them running around and getting all their energy out...well some of it. Sophie has gotten brave lately with the foam pit. She used to carefully crawl into it. But now every time I see her she is flinging her self into it jumping from everything possible. And this last Friday she did this all on her own...

I was so excited for her because I used to have to hold her hand and help her fall she was so scared. But now she does it over and over!

Lydia loves the foam pit too. She tries to be big like Sophie and jump but then she turns around and slides in and immediately says "stuck!"


  1. THose girls are to cute!! Where did you find them?? I will have to pick me up some next time I am at the store. . .bytheway love the background!!