Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Princess Letters

A couple weeks ago I had the girls color pictures and write letters to their favorite Princesses. I heard that if you did they would send you a autographed picture of that princess. Sophie chose Cinderella and she then chose Sleeping Beauty for Lydia.

It took some convincing to get Sophie to put in in the mailbox. She was insistent she deliver it personally. But after explaining to her how long it might be before we make it to Cinderellas castle she put it in. We went out to get the mail and found these!

Although not what everyone advertised they where still cool and the girls were beyond happy. I had read that it would be a picture of the princess you wrote to that was signed to your kid. But in the end I think this is better because it has all of the Princesses autographs on it!

So fun! I just printed out a coloring page of the princess and had the girls color them. Then I wrote on the back some things the girls liked about that princess. and sent it to:

Walt Disney Company
Attn: Fan Mail Department
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

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  1. Ugh your so good! I wonder if they do that for the boys too? I need to get better at doing stuff like that with the boys. They have such a short attention span though!