Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shopping and Grandpa

On Saturday my Grandpa Buchanan came to Tucson to see the family. I was so excited to see him and have all of the family together! First we had to make a stop at Ace for some items for the station wagon. They have two little carts there that the girls love to push around, plus free popcorn, and a train that goes around. They pretty much think it is the best place ever. Apparently we came in the right day because they gave us a free quart of paint! Aw the little things in life...

Then we headed to my parents house and visited family the rest of the day. It was nice to see my Grandpa. And we visited and ate lots of yummy food. Thanks mom!

Sadly this is the only random picture I got that day and now I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of him with the girls. But it was fun and Sophie says she really like Papa B's truck. Haha she is her Fathers daughter. After we took him over to see the progress on the station wagon. He was excited to see it and I think Chad was excited to show it off a little :)


  1. I agree girls...Ace is a pretty fun place to go!
    Rachel...this picture of Papa B... wow your mom looks like him!!! Never noticed that before. I am sad you didn't get pictures either...hopefully this summer!

  2. YOur Ace must be uptown!~!they don't have popcorn at ours. . nor do they have those cute little carts :) Glad you had fun with grandpa B Hope the memories last until you can get another picture!!