Monday, March 26, 2012

A Birthday Gift and Chuckie Cheese

The girls were invited to Rowley and Conrad's birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. Sophie was beyond excited and kept asking me if it was time to go yest when it was a week away. I decided to make the boys a Fort Kit for their present. With the help from my awesome Mother in Law I made a bag for everything to go in...

They were pretty excited to open it once Nate told them what it was haha.
The girls had a blast at Chuckie Cheese.

I realized Lydia is not quite the dare devil I thought she was. She was pretty nervous on the little rides. And really really did not like sitting next to the mouse...

But she sure loved the games. Especially getting tickets...

And of course the pizza. After all it is Lydia and she does enjoy her food...


  1. Maybe it's the lights but Lydia's hair is looking so red!! I love how the bag turned out!-it reminds me of a pillowcase :)-such a fun idea

  2. Love the looks on their faces when they sit next to that mouse! Hahaha! Lydia has lots of time to learn to love those rides, I am sure she will love them lots!

  3. That looks like so much fun! We sure are missing you guys... I love the look on Lydia's face! "Maybe if I don't look at hime he will go away!"