Thursday, December 3, 2015

Clayton Happenings the Last Few Weeks

Chad's work gave him tickets to the U of A football game a few weeks ago. Easton was so excited to go do cat cheers again! Although he has confessed that cat cheers are fun but he likes Boise State haha. Chad and Easton had fun at the game and Easton insisted that Boise was playing the whole time. 

Easton has told me several times on random days since that he is going to football with Dad tonight and Mom stays home. I think Chad found his game buddy.

Sophie did a fun run fundraiser at school again this year. She is too funny because she hates PE because they make her run and running makes her tired. But she matched her 42 lap record from last year! She just kept running!

She still loves school and is getting really good at reading. It is crazy to listen to her talk like a grown up about her day. 

The kids were so excited to set up Christmas. 

They cheered Dad on as he put up the star.

On Friday Chad surprised me by celebrating my birthday early since we will have a 4 day old baby on my real birthday. He and the kids made me a delicious cake and brought me a gift and cards while I was at my parents house!

Sarah was awesome and took the kids overnight for us and Chad and I went to see the last Hunger Games movie and had dinner. It was fun to hang out before life gets a bit more hectic. 

The kids had a blast with Aunt Sarah as always. Apparently she watches our kids every year at this time haha. She sent this picture of Jackson and Easton. 

The top is last year and then this year. They are getting so big!

The next day we all went to the Pima Air and Space Museum. 

We had a lot of fun looking at all the planes. 

Lydia is getting so grown up. She is such a good helper and is always looking for ways to make things easier on me. She is always the first to run and pick something up off the floor that I dropped because she knows its hard for me to bend over right now. She is getting really good at writing her letters and absolutely loves preschool. She is already talking how fun its going to be in kindergarten next year....what!!

Easton is quite the little goofball. He makes us laugh all the time with his goofiness. Our favorite at the moment is how he says "movie." It sounds exactly like "boobie." We try really hard not to laugh when he announces that he is "watching boobies!" most of the time we are unsuccessful. We just hope his nursery leaders know that we do not in fact let him watch that kind of thing but harmless movies. haha

He is talking about the baby coming more now and is excited he gets to sit by the baby in the car. 3 more days and we will be a family of 6!

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