Friday, December 18, 2015

William Hawk Clayton

The end of this pregnancy was quite stressful with the umbilical cord varix (swelling in the cord). This meant risk of blood clots and losing the baby. So after 5 weeks of 10 stress tests, 15 ultrasounds and lots of prayers and tears we were ready to have this baby. A huge thank you to both Grandmas who babysat numerous times so I could make all of these appointments! There was no way I could have done it without them! The doctors would not let me go past 37 weeks due to the risks so on December 6th we headed to the hospital to be induced.

I labored for 9 hours with every single one of my kids whether they were induced or natural so I pretty much planned on having the baby at about 4pm. Haha nope! He wasn't reacting well to the platocin so they had to turn it off for a while which slowed things down. And by 7:45pm I knew he was coming and of doctor....she was 15 minutes away. "Don't push!" the nurse said. Ummm yeah okay but with every contraction he kept coming and I wasn't pushing. In the end I'm crying because the baby is being delivered with 3 nurses staring at each other like they don't know what to do. Chad is petting my face trying to comfort me and after the baby was halfway out on the bed the doctor came running in and basically just picked him up and handed him to me. Chad and I laugh about the whole scene now, but it sure wasn't funny at the time!

We didn't know the sex and when the doctor lifted him up to show us we were excited to have another little boy!!! Curled up in my arms Chad looked at him and said "William" and he immediately looked over at Chad. That was it he was definitely William!

William Hawk Clayton was born on December 6, 2015 at 7:59pm 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 inches long.

We were so excited to have him here and the worries over. He was perfect. Until the next day all was well until doctors kept coming in saying they needed to do all these different tests on him because of the varix. Chad and I tried to stay cool but I was a wreck inside and I'm sure Chad was too. They took his blood to test for blood clots because that's a risk. The scariest was when we had to walk down to the nursery for a Echo. Apparently with varix babies there is risk for heart defects. The cardiologist was very nice and let us watch and thank heaven William was just fine and the blood tests came out great too. We were definitely blessed and I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who watched over our little William.

The kids came the next day and the girls were instantly in love.

Easton insisted it was baby Gavin (his cousin)!!! He noticed right away that the baby was gone out of my tummy. He kept saying to me "that's a baby mom."

We ended up having to stay a little longer at the hospital because William wasn't eating. I had plenty to give him but he just wouldn't eat. After the lactation consultant came in we discovered that he was acting like a premie and just didn't have the strength to nurse plus he was badly tongue tied. So I had to pump and then feed him a bottle which was much easier for him. With him eating they finally let us go home!

The kids were happy to be home and William got a sense on how life was going to be like pretty quickly. They immediately swarmed him haha.

A few days later we took him in to get his tongue clipped and now he eats great! So far he is such a good little baby and the girls love to hold him. Easton had a rough first few days and wanted nothing to do with William. But he has gotten better and at least will talk about William. When we leave the house he will shout "Let's go Illiam!!"

Welcome to our not so little family William!

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