Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween and Other Fun

For Halloween we went to see Uncle Jeff at the fire station. He showed us the cool trucks and Easton liked sitting in the drivers seat.

Then we went trick or treating with Sarah, Jackson, and Gavin. Jackson was hilarious. He would have a full on conversations with everyone who opened the door and walked into a couple of houses. Easton caught on really quickly to how to get candy and would get his candy and immediately walk off to the next house. We were impressed with how far they went. Easton got tired for a little bit but didn't want to miss out on the candy so he kept going. Lydia did great until the very end, she was done walking in her high heels. Sophie on the other hand was ready to do another neighborhood she could have gone all night.

The next weekend we went to the Cops and Rodders show. The kids got to put together pine wood derby cars and race them. I completely forgot to take a picture of them finished.

Chad's work had a field day competition after and Chad's team dressed up in the 80's. We went to a thrift store beforehand to find some fun clothing.  I have been such a slacker in taking pictures I didn't get one of his whole awesome outfit. He had a hot pink puffy jacket that is missing in this picture.

 They played several different games and the kids had a blast playing at the park.

My parents are renovating their backyard and Chad went to help put new rock down for them. Easton was so excited to ride in "Papa Mirror's" Truck!!! He non stop talked all morning about getting to ride in Grandpa Miller's truck to get rocks. Chad took Jackson too and the boys had fun climbing the rock hill and loading the buckets.

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