Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Party Miss Lydia

Lydia's birthday isn't until the 14th but since we were scheduled to have a baby on the 6th, we decided we better do a party for Miss Lyds on the 5th. She wanted an Elsa Birthday party complete with snow flakes, Olaf string cheese, and Olaf souvenirs. And of course my Cupcake Wars loving girl had specific instructions for her cupcakes. Strawberry cake, light blue frosting, a white chocolate snowflake and Elsa. I did my best not to disappoint as she had these cupcakes picked out before Sophie's birthday haha.

They played freeze dance to all the favorite Frozen songs which they loved. We also played Button Button but with a little Olaf figure so we said Olaf Olaf who has Olaf?

Lydia was so excited to have so many of her friends there to celebrate with her!

We love our sweet 5 year old! Happy early birthday Miss Lydia Bug!

After the party we had to quickly clean up and get all the kids packed and taken to Grandmas, because bright and early the next morning we were going to the hospital to meet our newest family member......

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