Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fourth of July Camping Trip

For the Fourth of July weekend we got to go camping on Mt. Lemon! Sierra is in Girl Scouts and Brad and Becca reserved a cabin at their camp for the family! IT was a lot of fun spending time together. On Friday there was a parade through Summerhaven. we were able to be in with the Girl Scouts.

Brianna, Sophie and Sierra had their hair done to look like a star.

Right when the parade started it started to rain.....then pour. Luckily we found some garbage bags in our bags to cover Easton and Lydia. And the Girls Scouts had a tarp to protect the guitars.

We hung out at the cabin quite a bit Saturday since it rained a lot. A bunch of our group were on a four mile hike when it poured down on them. We played games in the cabin and enjoyed hot chocolate.

They had a bunch of activities on Saturday for us to do. The kids had fun dancing and doing crafts.

The girls especially loved making their own candles.

We also did some team building exercises. We had to fit everyone on this wood box. Poor mike ended up hurting himself pretty bad as the box tipped with him trying to get on it and he rolled with the box. We really thought this thing was anchored to the ground.

We had to help each other climb over a ten foot wall.

And we had to get everyone on this balancing seesaw and keep it balanced the entire time. It was a little difficult with all the little kids but we did pretty good.

Then we did archery which the kids really liked. At the end of our session it once again poured and hailed on us and we had to run to the lodge. We had so much fun spending time on the mountain. Even with all the rain it was awesome!

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