Thursday, July 3, 2014

California Vacation Part 1

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go to California for vacation with Scott, Rachel, Craig, Jeanette, and Mom and Dad. We had so much fun and it was great to be able to visit the places I went to as a kid. First we went and saw the Redwood trees which are my most favorite trees ever. There is a steam train that will take you through the redwoods to Santa Cruz. Easton loved the "Choo Choo"

This tree started growing a few years before the birth of Jesus Christ. So cool!

The girls loved these clover plants that were everywhere. they tried so hard to find a four leaf clover. Never did find one though.

There were trees that you could stand inside....

The reason why they are my favorite is because they are just so massive! And these are little compared to the ones further North.

Probably my most favorite was the tree you could actually crawl inside and look up the inside of the tree! They were able to fit 40 people at one time is the record. They also used to rent it out as a honeymoon suite for people to actually sleep in! I would totally do it!

Here is the entrance to the tree....

Easton started walking just before we left on the trip and thoroughly enjoyed walking through the woods.

After we headed to a fun park in Santa Cruz that was built on a hill. They have a bunch of slides. Our favorite was the awesome metal slides! Rachel brought wax paper to ride on to make them even faster!

It was so much fun! You fly pretty fast down those things especially with the wax paper. Easton absolutely loved it and didn't want to stop. The girls got brave and started going down all by themselves. Sophie naturally being herself didn't look where she was going at the bottom and was taken out by Grandpa and Toodles. It was hilarious and of course everyone was okay.  As I said you fly down those things and there is no stopping.

We went to the Boardwalk in the evening. The girls love rides and had a blast! Lydia was so happy that she was tall enough for this Ferris wheel! She loved it!

This has always been my favorite carousel. It was built in 1911.

Easton went his first ride alone! He was too cute. He was all smiles until the ride started and then he just looked frightened and held on. But when I took him off he screamed and cried and wanted to get back on. 

We got to go to the boardwalk for two nights and honestly I think the girls could have stayed there all week and been happy. They just love rides.

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