Tuesday, July 8, 2014

California Vacation Part 2

On Wednesday we had a fun beach day. Our kids have never seen the ocean before and it was all they talked about leading up to vacation. They loved playing in the waves! Easton especially wanted to just run into the ocean.

They were excited to play on the beach all day...

The men went boogie boarding... and there were about four seals that were very interested in them and watched them catch waves. I couldn't get a good picture of them though.

Easton loved playing in the sand and then splashing in the waves.

On Thursday we went to the Happy Hollow Zoo. They really enjoyed feeding the goats...

They had some fun rides and the kids especially loved the roller coaster.

Easton found a alligator statue to climb on and didn't want to leave it. Grandpa Miller took some cute pictures.

After the zoo we met with Great Grandpa Miller and took him to lunch. And spent some time at his house after to visit. He gave the kids some bird whistles that he would give my siblings and I when we were kids. It was funny that he still had some left. The girls made him Father's day cards but I couldn't get Lydia to take a picture with him. She has decided she is camera shy.

Then the guys headed back Santa Cruz and fished off of the pier. They caught some little fish and Chad caught two at a time. Luke accidentally snagged a seagull and they had to rescue it. Luckily it flew away just fine. Grandpa and Grandpa Miller were nice enough to let us stay the night in the trailer. The girls are still talking that they want to do that again.

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