Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sophie is in Kindergarten!

Monday was Sophie's first day of Kindergarten! She was completely excited and I was completely nervous haha. She did have a moment of panic the week before because she was afraid she wouldn't know where to go. But once she knew I was going to be with her to help her find her classroom and line up the first day she was nothing but excited. The fact she got to go shopping for a backpack helped too. she just loves to shop. We gave her a budget and told her she had to get a backpack and lunch box but if she had any extra money she could get something else. She was determined to get new shoes and compared prices like crazy and got her shoes!

 The week before we met her teacher Mrs. Malm.

On the first day she jumped out of bed and was dressed and ready to go hours before school started.

She did so good lining up with her class and had no problem with me leaving. I on the other hand had a much harder time and teared up.

After school she was all smiles and loved it! She did say that the one thing she doesn't like about school is that she has to sit on the ground outside for snack time and it gets her outfit dirty.

Lydia did surprisingly well with it all too. She had no problem giving Sophie a hug and leaving and she actually cried when I told her we needed to go pick her up from school. Apparently Lydia is enjoying the alone time with Mom and Easton.

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  1. Aw the thought of leaving her at school made me cry too. I can't believe she is old enough where does the time go?