Tuesday, December 4, 2012


We had a fun Thanksgiving. We headed to my parents house in the morning to go shooting. The girls were so excited to take Eleanor (The Station Wagon). But alas it died before we got to the next exit. I left with the girls and Chad stayed behind to fix her with the help of his Dad. They did eventually make it though and Chad was still able to catch up with the men and shoot some guns.

When they came back everyone enjoyed taking Eleanor for rides...

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and they girls had a blast with their cousins...

Chad and I ran to drop Eleanor off at his parents house so we didn't have to drive her home in the dark. When we came back I couldn't get my boot off. I was seriously stuck and after many attempts by several people my Dad and brother Craig were determined to release me...

I don't know what my Father had planned with that giant knife, but I am happy to say they didn't have to use it. And I did finally get out of it. The zipper had gotten off of the track. They had to unpick the stitches but we were able to save my boot!

It was a fun and exciting Holiday and we enjoyed spending it with our family!

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