Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby Boys

Since my sister has gone back to work the girls and I get to watch her adorable little baby boy. The girls are completely in love with him. They call him Baby Jackson no matter what. Chad and I have told them several times his name is just Jackson but they say "No! Its Baby Jackson!" Then I asked Sophie what his name will be when he is not a baby anymore. "Big Jackson" she replied...of course why didn't I think of that?

they are such big helpers and are always making sure he is okay. They get excited to bring me diapers, wipes, his blanket, and binky. I am thinking maybe having a third kid may be pretty awesome. Sophie was showing Jackson how to draw yesterday....

They are really excited to have a baby brother of their own!! While we tried to make it a surprise there was no denying.....

Its a Boy!

When we were leaving the ultrasound I asked Sophie what we should name him..her choice? Boomer. Which I just thought was hilarious because that was my brothers nickname growing up which I don't think she has ever heard. Then I asked her again and she insisted on Jackson. We know his middle name for sure so for now he is Baby Roc Clayton.

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