Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Riding in The Wood Car

The girls are in love with what Sophie calls "The Wood Car." They are always asking if we are going to drive it. We have seat belts in the back bench seat for them and they have claimed their spots. Saturday we had to head into town so Sophie could go to the practice for the primary program. They were so excited when they found out we were taking the wood car. Grandpa Clayton came in the morning and helped Daddy fix a few things and we were off!

Lydia is our little puppy in the car. She likes to sit sideways and hang her head out the window.

Occasionally she sticks her tongue out.....okay not really.

By the time we were headed home Lydia was pretty tired...

Poor little girl had a hard time sleeping. Every time we would turn she would bonk her cheek on the side of the car. I kept telling her to lay down on the bench but she refused so she ended up with a red mark on her cheek by the time we got home.

But she still loves the wood car anyway :)

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