Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween and Sophie goes Shopping

For Halloween we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Clayton's house so that Chad and Dad Clayton could try and finish the station wagon and the girls could go trick or treating!

This is kind of sad but this is the real first year they have gone real trick or treating. We usually just go to the trunk or treat and call it good. They were so excited all day and kept saying "Its Halloween!!!" They had a lot of fun going door to door. And since we went to both the trunk or treat and trick or treating we have a Ton of candy...yikes. Not sure what to do with it all yet. I joked with Chad that thank goodness we have only 2 kids because I couldn't imagine how much candy would be brought home with any more.

Grandma Miller picked Sophie up today and took her Birthday shopping. Sophie was beyond excited. She knew exactly what she wanted.....

A Cinderella dress! We are getting quite the collection of princess dresses around here. And its not just any Cinderella actually lights up and sparkles....


  1. THey make great princesses! Lov eth new dress Sophie...that is sparktaculor! What are you doing iwth all your candy?

  2. Amea is getting into the dress up stage so we are going to be starting out little collection. Sophie looks great in her new dress. The girls look so fun! Maybe next year you will have to try the halloween witch.