Monday, November 19, 2012

Sophie's First Primary Program and a Trip to the E.R.

Yesterday was the Primary Program and it was the first time Sophie was able to play a part in it. We got the girls dressed up in their adorable Christmas Dresses from Grandma Clayton...

Sophie did so well in the program. When we received the paper to help her practice her part at home I was a bit confused. Her part was: "because he does." I thought wow what does this go along with?
Come to find out her teacher asks "How do you know your Heavenly Father Loves you?" And she got up to the microphone and paused and then clearly said "Because He does!" It made me tear up she has such a sweet testimony and no doubt that her Heavenly Father loves her.

I asked her whether she came up with her own part and she said yes that it was her answer to the question. Its no wonder why we are to be like a little child.

Fast forward to that night...we had gone to Craig and Jeanette's to celebrate Porter's birthday. On the way home Lydia asked for a wipe to clean her hands. I hand them wipes all of the time in the car so they can blow their nose, clean their hands, clean their shoes, whatever. When all of the sudden she starts complaining about her nose and blowing it. I could see that the one nostril was red and thought oh no she got one of Porter's Lego's up her nose! But when I looked it just looked like a booger in there from my angle in the car.

When we got home we discovered it was full of baby wipe pieces! After a lot of sucking with a bulb syringe and tweezers we got quite a bit out, but she still had a chunk at the very top that we couldn't get out. Chad even tried sucking it out with a straw.... no go. So we put Sophie to bed and our little goofball was excited to skip bedtime and go to the E.R.

She thought it was the funnest trip ever she even got to watch Madagascar in the waiting room. Luckily we only had to wait about 20 minutes. The nurse looked up her nose and sure enough it was clogged. Once she got us checked in we headed to a room and sat on the bed. Right when she closed the curtain to get the doctor Lydia did a big sneeze and the chunk flew out of her nose. I looked at Lydia and said "really!?" and she smiled. The nurse came back in to ask us a question and I told her she sneezed it out. The nurse laughed and said "You know she probably wouldn't have sneezed it out if you stayed home!" the doctor came in looked in her nose and it was clear he told Lydia she could go home now and Lydia said "no!" He thought that was pretty funny and showed her some pictures of his kids and talked to her for a minute.

Luckily we were in and out in under an hour. Which I was shocked this was the first time I had ever had to take my kid to the E.R. and I always hear stories of waiting forever. Either we got really lucky or UMC is the place to go.


  1. Way to go Sophie! Ty-kell gets to do his part in a couple of weeks. And I bet that was the most expensive sneeze you will ever pay for... What is it with kids fascination with sticking things down holes?

  2. That's crazy:) Yeah here at LA Children's hospital people sometimes wait 6-8 hours. It's nuts!!!!

  3. I think this time it was up a hole...just saying! Are you going to survive this little girl? She certainly keeps you all on your toes...LOL!