Friday, December 7, 2012

Date Night

Last Saturday was the Vantage West Employee Appreciation Christmas party. We got to get all dressed up and go to a nice resort in NE Tucson. After some searching I was able to find an inexpensive dress to fit the semi-formal occasion and lets face me. And thanks to my amazing sister who helped me with my makeup and watching our girls for us!! I have decided when it comes time for my girls to enter the whole makeup world I am sending them to her house. They didn't even know makeup existed before her.

We enjoyed a fancy dinner with servers constantly taking care of us and they did a program to honor several charities in our community. They had some fun raffle prizes like a TV and resort getaways but we didn't end up winning any. It was a fun night though getting to know some of the people he works with. One part of the evening Chad noticed a small piece of food in my hair and joked that he couldn't take me anywhere. Then he proceeded to stab a carrot with his fork and it flew off of his plate and under the next table. We just died laughing at ourselves.

The party theme was a masquerade and they had some fun masks on the table to take home. So we brought them home for the girls to enjoy...

I think Lydia looks like a super hero in hers ha ha.

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  1. I cannot view the pictures for your last few post. Maybe for the next one you can put the pictures on your blog. Thanks for the fun updates.