Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkins, Clapping, and Happy Girls

Wednesday night we bought some pumpkins for the girls to carve. Which actually turned into Dad doing all of the work. Lydia loved getting all the pumpkin guts out...
And she even tasted it several times....

As you can see she didn't like it but kept eating it anyway. That's our Lydia she will eat almost anything.
Sophie wasn't so thrilled about cleaning the pumpkin. Cant get those Princess hands dirty. She used a spoon and then tried her best not to touch it at all...

Here is our finished Ariel Pumpkin! Sophie of course loves it....
Lydia started clapping last night at dinner! She is getting so big.
Chad has had the last four days off of work and all of his girls have been happy campers. We really missed him.
Chad helped the girls build a fort yesterday on the couch they loved it!


  1. I LOVE the video of the pumpkin-made me laugh out loud!! Such cute girls-glad they got to spend so much time with dad!! miss you guys

  2. What a fun couple of days! LOVE the pumpkins and all the cute pictures! :) Happy Halloween!!!