Monday, October 17, 2011


Because Sophie had SO many food allergies I have been being careful with Lydia. Chocolate is one of the big ones I have been trying to keep away from her until she is a year old. Sophie was very allergic to chocolate the poor girl but luckily she did grow out of it.

But it is hard to keep chocolate away when the girl is just so darn sneaky. One morning She was sitting on Chad's lap while he was eating breakfast. He turned his head for one second and she snatched away his chocolate muffin and shoved it in her mouth as fast as she could.

The other day I let Sophie have some chocolate mint cookies and Lydia had animal crackers after lunch. Little did I know that Sophie just licked all the mint off of the cookies and then threw them on the floor. It blended into our carpet so I didn't see them. Until I discovered Lydia under the table chowing down on chocolate cookies.

So I figured she obviously isn't allergic to chocolate since she has had no reactions so let her have cake!.......

Needless to say she loved every minute of it.


  1. Yeah for Lyds...but since I can see where you are at..."I think this applies "What happens at Grandma's...Never Happened"

    Keeping asking Lydia, keep asking!

  2. Licking the tray...I think she likes it! :)

  3. She's never tasted anything so good!!! these made me laugh right ourt loud!! What a cutie!!

  4. Such cute pictures! She's going to be fun at her first birthday party! :)