Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A First and a Visit to the Zoo

Lydia officially has her first tooth!!! My children like to wait a long time before this happens. Several babies at church that are much younger than her have several teeth.
Chad and I have decided we liked Sophie's teething experience much better. "Wow look Sophie has a tooth!" We had no idea she was teething she acted perfectly normal and happy. Not so much with Ms Lyds. She is one crabby baby. But we still love her.

On Saturday we took a trip to the zoo to see the new baby lion cubs. They were so adorable.

My camera wouldn't zoom far enough so they are kind of blurry and don't give them justice. But Sophie was so excited to see them. They were running around and playing with their mom.

Lydia was not a fan of the large Purana's. Although who could blame her they are bigger than her!

But she did want to live with the ducks and attempted to crawl into the pond...

It was a fun day and it was perfect weather! I am so glad it is finally starting to cool off a little!


  1. I love all the cute pictures of the girls!!!

  2. The cubs are here? What a fun reason to go to the zoo! Adorable pics!!