Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures that made me laugh today

I know everyone thinks I have probably fallen off the face of the Earth but I have been swamped with homework. Tomorrow is officially my last day of my insane math class!

Friday my computer crashed and my awesome brother Craig is currently saving me once again. So today I am only working one job instead of two. So I am a bit um bored....So I have been looking at old pictures.

While looking through our wedding reception pictures these are the random pictures that just made me laugh.....
This is the way to start a marriage...


We are random

I love this picture

HaHa One of you may have to explain this to me...and why did poor Jessica get cut out?

No worries he didn't actually lick it...I think serious in his little hat...


Im not sure what dance move this is....

Jessica is my favorite in this one. She is ready to take everyone down.
Haha perfect


  1. Haha fun pictures... Jessica was cut out because we were tired of her always hogging the camera with her modeling skills. Ummmm I think it had something to do with being so happy about one of our baby cousins getting married before us. We were really all just as excited as Brittney's face:) Hang in there with the school. You are a rock star mom doing it all:)

  2. ThAT was fun to see, I havn't seen your wedding pictures!!! Chad looks so young!! :)

  3. Ditto Monica! She is a rockstar! I love that you added you think he didn't lick that knife...haha four years ago you would have probably said no he didn't now you know him better and you have to think about it! LOL that made me smile! Glad you are done tomorrow!