Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boise Adventures Part 2

While in Idaho we got to go to the Boise Zoo which was a lot of fun. It is much bigger than the Tucson Zoo and they had a lot of fun animals.

They had a wallaby walk about which was really cool. You could go in and walk through while the Wallabies hoped around you. Sadly I did not catch wallaby in this picture...
The penguins were my favorite...

Lydia would get so excited when one came close

Cute Miss Amea loved them too

Then we went and fed the goats. Ty-kell was so excited for this. He asked every few minutes if we could go feed the goats and we would tell him not yet. He would get sad and then a few minutes later ask again. what a cutie...

Then we went into the Butterfly room. It was so cool. The Butterflies were everywhere and they landed on a few of us..
Can you find the butterfly?

During our trip Aimee and Tyrone were nice enough to let us stay with them. I know I have said it a lot but it was so much fun! Sophie was so excited to play with Ty-kell again. She has told me several times since we came home that she wants to go back to "Ty-kell's Idaho house".

When you go outside of their house most of the time their is a flock of ducks on someone's lawn. So one night we went out and fed them...

and more and more ducks kept coming....

This made me miss the lake and feeding ducks in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

 Stay tuned for more!...


  1. Oh this makes me miss Idaho! I didn't know that you had fed the ducks....and no one probably believes you that it was night...hahaha! Thanks for sharing Rachel, it is fun to relive the vacation through your eyes.

  2. THERE"S MORE!!!! YAAAAA!!! I love to see all the pictures! I can't believe the ducks!! I am glad you guys had so much fun, and the butterflies, are a little to personal. . .:) Thanks again for the pictures