Friday, November 7, 2014

Phoenix Temple Open House

Last Saturday we went to the Phoenix Temple open house. When I originally scheduled it I completely forgot about the Cops and Rodders show we go to every year with Eleanor. We had already paid the registration fee...oops. The kids love going to this show and they make a pine wood derby car to race every year. When they were talking about what their car was going to look like I broke the news to them that we weren't going. I thought they would be upset and they did get a little sad, but then I told them where we were going instead and Sophie responded "That's okay Mom, the Temple is more important then Cops and Rodders." You are right Sophie! (Insert proud Mom moment here).

. We had to ride a bus to the Temple which the kids loved.

Easton especially loved this part and pointed and said "car!' all the way there.

Both Grandma and Grandpa Clayton and Miller were able to come with us! It was so nice to be able to all go to the Temple together and the kids did a great job being reverent inside the Temple.

Lydia decided to be camera shy

It was a great day and we are so blessed that our kids have gotten to be able to experience walking through two Temples now.


  1. Sorry I didn't notice Lydia wasn't looking.... I didn't have my glasses!

  2. lol the family picture makes me laugh! love it.