Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Sophie

Sophie turned 6 years old last Wednesday. It is crazy to think she is so big already. She was so excited her birthday was on a school day! We made her class some paper balloons with twisty straws and Sophie colored them.

When she got home we had her favorite dinner, corn-dogs and french fries...so healthy I know. She opened her present which is something she has been asking for all year whenever she sees it at Target. A Barbie with a dog that eats and poops...yikes.

We told her instead of a party this year we would do something together as a family instead, whatever she wanted. Our little 6 year old going on 16 wanted to go to the mall. They played and then Sophie wanted to go shopping at Claires. She got five dollars from her Great Grandpa Miller and couldn't wait to spend it. After a lot of thinking she finally decided on a headband.

The next night we had both Grandma and Grandpas over for birthday dinner and cake!

Grandma Clayton made her a super cute overnight bag.

Sophie also gets to go shopping with Grandma Miller. She is one happy 6 year old!

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