Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Running and Haircuts

Sophie's school did a fundraiser to earn money for new computers a few weeks ago. It was a funrun where they get sponsors to donate a certain amount of money for each lap they run. Sophie runs with Chad after he does Cheer lessons with her and she has never made it around the park across the street twice without complaining. So we all figured this was not going to be her thing. Lydia, Easton and I went to cheer her on and they got the kindergartners all lined up.

They would mark their shirts every lap. And she ran past the two laps I thought she would do....

She shocked us all by running.....43 laps!!!! (32 laps equaled 2 miles) Chad said she definitely was not showing him her potential in Cheer lessons but now he knows!

She did a great job and we are so proud of her.

 Last week I finally decided it was about time to cut Easton's hair. I just love his little curls though. He was excited though.

He thought it was fun until I had to do around his ears and the back of his head. But a lollipop distracted him really well at the end. And my little baby is now a kid.

Sophie has been wanting to cut her hair again too. I have been too nervous since I have only cut Chad's and now Easton's hair. But she wanted to get hers done after Easton and Chad was willing. He gave her the whole spa experience....

Chad and Sophie weren't nervous at all...I on the other hand...well was really nervous. Chad asked Lydia if she wanted a haircut too. She didn't even hesitate to say no haha.

After some tips over the phone with Aunt Kimberly Chad was able to give Sophie a cute little bob. Sophie was excited to be able to donate her hair again!

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