Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Fun

Chad went on a Model A Trip in Idaho with the men for a week. They ended up leaving for Idaho on his birthday so the kids and I decorated the house and celebrated the day before.

It did not take long after Chad left for Easton to start getting into things...

We had a lot of movie nights to pass the time while Dad was gone and the kids found new places to hang out on the couch.

We also experiences the great Tucson Rain Apocalypse! There was supposed to be catastrophic flooding and the city was providing free sandbags. I was a bit nervous especially when I thought our roof was leaking and it had just been drizzling all day. But luckily the storm ended up completely missing us and the roof leak ended up being condensation from our air conditioner.

Jackson came over and spent the night one night which the kids were so excited about!

They played on the swing most of the time. And Easton was like a puppy dog following him everywhere They came out with matching flip flops after playing together in the office.

We were all very glad when Chad came home.

Sophie has been on break from school and last week Grandma Clayton took the girls to dance class which they loved!!!!

They now dance around the house all of the time and put shows on for each other.

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