Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Past Few Weeks

It has been a little cooler here in the desert the past few weeks. You know under 100 degrees. So the kids have thoroughly enjoyed playing out in the backyard. We have been fighting these insane weeds in one of our planter boxes in the backyard and Easton has loved going out and helping.

Chad made an amazing water spray feature for the kids that hooks to their swing set.

They absolutely love it. They have pretty much the coolest Dad ever.

We were able to go up to that Temple a few weeks ago with Grandma and Grandpa Clayton. The kids enjoyed playing with other kids from their ward while we went to the Temple. After we went to probably the coolest store ever, Bass Pro Shop. Seriously we could have spent all day in there. The kids didn't want to leave. They had a river that went through the center of the store full of trout.

We got there just before feeding time to so the kids were able to feed the trout. They also had a huge fish tank that we also got to see them feed.

The girls were obsessed with riding the elevator and looking out at the waterfall. And Easton acted like he had just died on gone to heaven. He didn't stop running the whole time pointing and ooooing at everything. He cried when we left of course.

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  1. Lincoln and I just went on a date to Bass Pro Shop. we had never been either and had a lot of fun looking at everything! I think we will take Kempton their at Christmas to sit on Santa's lap.