Thursday, October 2, 2014


Sophie is loving kindergarten. She is such a little teacher's pet and a social butterfly. She comes home and tells me about a new friend she has made all the time. One girl in her class she always calls her best friend. One day after school she asked me "Mom she is my best friend but I don't think she knows, should I tell her?"

I have discovered she is my mini me when it comes to school and everything has to be perfect. Homework time has been.....interesting. It is quite time consuming as she has to make every paper PERFECT. I will admit I was exactly like that when I was little...not so much anymore. But we make it through the tears when she makes mistakes and it has gotten a lot better. We had several instances where she had mastered several letter sounds at home with me but would come home with them not mastered at school. I discovered she got nervous when the teacher asked her and didn't want to get an answer wrong so she would just say "I don't know." But we were able to correct that too and she has gotten much more comfortable with testing.

They had a project in class determining what is a live and what isn't and the characteristics of each. They used gummy worms and Earth worms. Sophie was not a fan haha. All the kids in the pictures were holding the Earth worm and smiling and then there was my girl.....

They had spirit week just before break. Sophie was so excited to dress up everyday. My favorite day was swip swap day. The teachers dressed like students and students as teachers. Sophie was worried we didn't have anything for her to wear  but I think we came up with a pretty good outfit.

She fought me on the glasses and the pencil in her hair but after some convincing she wore it all and I think she looked adorable! It is funny how at such a young age kids worry about what people think of them. She was so stressed people were going to laugh at her. But I told her spirit week is like Halloween and when she came home she was happy to announce no one made fun of her and everyone thought she looked cute. 

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  1. Oh my gosh the pencil and the glasses are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!