Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some Easter Fun

The thing about living in the desert is that swimming season comes early...like April early. The girls jumped in the pool last week....

They exclaimed "Yay summer is here!!!!" Not quite....but when you live in Tucson April is close enough.

Easton and Jackson were the judging panel for the girls techniques in jumping in the pool. Way to go boys!

On Saturday our Ward did a Easter activity. Sophie is a part of the primary choir and sang. She is pretty excited to play bells for a song this Sunday for their Easter performance. They also had a huge Easter egg hunt.

I have never seen a egg hunt end so quickly. Our primary kids are efficient.

Last night for FHE we dyed Easter eggs. And I am happy to report that this is the first year that there was no blue dyed hands or faces yay!

And to end on a funny note from our dear Miss Lydia. For preschool I was teaching the kids about their stomachs and how to eat healthy foods. So I outlined the shape of a stomach on paper and then let them cut out healthy foods from grocery ads and glue them into their stomach picture. Lydia was doing really well cutting and gluing on her own and I was helping the other kids. When she showed me her finished product I was a bit...well shocked. Her choices: french fries, Doritos, strawberries (yay for something healthy!), and um.....beer. What? I just assumed she just thought the box of beer was pretty since she has no idea what beer is. Then later I thought to check what was on the other side maybe some awesome healthy choice!! and behold it was .....cake. Yikes.

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